A Child Is Not A Cloth

Monday, September 18th in Portland, Oregon:


Olvido Records and Mississippi Records presents a night with Cyrus Moussavi, a filmmaker and journalist with Raw Music International. Cyrus will present 3 films followed by an on-stage interview conducted by Olvido Records founder Gordon Ashworth.

This is also a record release party for 3 LPs featuring the artists in the film:

George Mukabi "Furaha Wenye Gita" LP

Various Artists "Usiende Ukalale (Don't Sleep): Omutibo From Rural Kenya" LP

Olima Anditi "Where Else Would I Be?" LP


The following films by Cyrus Moussavi will be featured at the screening:

A Child Is Not A Cloth
In 1963, on the eve of independence, the great Kenyan guitarist George Mukabi was murdered. A generation of guitarists picked up his Omutibo style, and rode it to regional fame. "A Child Is Not a Cloth" is a journey into Mukabi's past and a document of Omutibo as it sounds today, five decades after its invention. A film of faces, hands, family, warmth, intergenerational memory, and stunning music from Shem Tube, Fanuel Amimo, Sukuma bin Ongaro and Johnstone Mukabi, the son of George.

Uptown is Covered in Mud
From Ulaanbaatar to the mountains of far western Mongolia, a document of the musical currents that flow between town and country.

Olima Anditi: Where Else Would I Be?
Olima has no fixed address. The old blind guitarist travels the trade routes along Lake Victoria, playing late-nite bars and homebrew clubs.

At the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon. 7:30 PM

Advance Tickets: https://hollywoodtheatre.org/booking/tickets/1-314477/

*There will be an after-party at The Know with Michael Hurley and DJ's Liz Harris, Scott Simmons, Karen Antunes and Hisham Mayet!