"Sembrando Cafe"

(A Mix For Bloom Magazine / Stumptown Coffee Roasters)


20 favorite songs from the nations of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia and Guatemala. It is a true blessing for our collective humanity that these places produce both brilliant musics and superb coffee, and we are lucky to be able to enjoy and share both. Like every culture of every nation on earth, there is endless beautiful music both traditional and site-specific, and innovative and transcendental.

* * * * *

1. Alèmu Aga "Girf", Ende Jerusalem: Traditional Music from Ethiopia (Acoustic Music), Ethiopia. 0:56
2. Juaneco Y Su Combo "La Cumbia del Pacurro", Peru Maravilloso (Tiger's Milk), Peru. 3:43
3. Alberto Pacheco y su Conjunto "Sembrando Café", The Original Sound of Cumbia (Soundway), Colombia. 2:50
4. Alèmayèhu Eshèté "Yebèqanal", Éthiopiques Vol. 22 (Buda Musique), Ethiopia. 3:58
5. (uncredited Inanga player and singer) "Hore Hore", Musiques traditionnelles du Burundi (Fonti Musicali). Burundi. 1:42
6. John Ondolo "Asante", Safari Souvenir Vol. 2 (Polydor). Kenya. 2:50
7. Haba Haba Group "Kijom Kijom", Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra, Vol. 2 (Sublime Frequencies). Indonesia. 2:05
8. Reencarnación "Armageddon", 888 Metal (Nuclear War Now! Productions). Colombia. 3:32
9. Cumbia En Moog "Cumbia de Sal", The Afrosound of Colombia Vol. 1 (Vampi Soul). Colombia. 3:33
10. Ensemble Amakondera "Ingaju", Musiques du Rwanda (Fonti Musicali). Rwanda. 2:34
11. El Conjunto Folklorico Musical el Pacifico "Voy a Bando", In Praise Of Oxala And Other Gods (Nonesuch). Colombia. 2:28
12. Esther Suarez "Rio Grande", La Bolognesina (Little Axe Records). Peru. 3:05
13. Teituk Arap Sumiyot "Bengeria", Kenyan Songs and Strings (Sharp Wood Productions). Kenya. 2:48
14. Yaseen Mohammed "Ndege Kaa Ufkiri", Zanzibara Vol. 2 (Buda Musique). Kenya. 3:16
15. Manolo Avalos "Rio de Paria", Andina (Tiger's Milk Records). Peru. 2:15
16. Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou "The Song of Abayi", Ethiopiques Vol. 21 (Buda Musique). Ethiopia. 3:07
17. Médard Ntamaganya "Rwamuhunga", Rwanda: Court Songs for Inanga and Folk Songs (Inedit). Rwanda. 2:13
18. The Good Ones "Ni Amayobera ('How Strange Is This Earth')", Rwanda Is My Home (Dead Oceans). Rwanda. 1:11
19. Grup Bamba Puang "Kemayoran", Indonesian Guitars (Smithsonian Folkways). Indonesia. 4:57
20. (Uncredited) "A La Rorro Nene / Xayib Nabal A C'Anjel (medley)", Lullabies Of The World (Folkways). Guatemala. 1:45

* * * * *